Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Top 5 Blogs in BSBA

1. Arnie Trumata (astig kc eh..hands down! o na winner n kung winner!hmp!)

2. Jason Bulaclac (this is what I called.. "d sya ordinary kc may laman!")

3.Joana Almazan (bcoz of the reason that..I was touched by your life story)

4.Chezalou Batulan (wow! how honest! (kya kta binoto..hehe)

5. Ronald Zarain (he's deserving!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ouch..! Computer Class!

I'm not saying that I don't like my Computer subject..

..except for the flowcharting(grrr).,

.. I think it's not really that hard or complicated, I had a computer subject in highschool and I really am thankful for that, atleast I am familiar with those number system and flowcharting(grrr)..

I learned a lot from my computer subject especially this blogging thing., and now Im enjoying it.

Then, I'm really not so into computers, I don't even bother going to computer shops to surf the internet and use the friendster, I dont even know that they have this blog posting thing, I just use the internet for my projects and assignment and that was it!(how boring?). But when I have this computer subject at PLMar it really opened my mind on how many things I can do by using the internet and how it is very important on the course I have chosen, I learned from this subject the concept of e-commerce, the hazards of using the internet, types of viruses, safety and precautions and some of the acronyms used in computer, I realize that I can really get good use of the internet.

I really learned a lot of the ways on how to use the internet and properly use the computer and how I could meet many people and learn at the same time.

College Life as I know it!

Iam just a typical girl with so much dreams...

Iam just an ordinary girl which you would always see waiting for a jeepney to ride on going to school, just some of the ordinary faces at the street, unnoticed.

Being in college is way different from being just in highschool.
I admit, I really missed being in highschool, in highschool there you could find friends, friends that you enjoy being with and they became very close to you that you suddenly thought of not wanting to leave them, but if the time comes for saying your goodbyes, you could not do anything and just let go, and I think college life is all about letting go and again accepting things the new way, Seeing life in the different perspective and doing it your own way without someone to dictate or command you, there maybe those people that chat and gossip about you in highschool but there would be more than that in college, some would pull you down.

..In highschool you get busy but in college you get more busy
..In highschool you set your dreams, in college you reach for it
..In highschool you cheat and it's okey, in college you can cheat but you'll justify!
..In highschool you can blame others if you fail but in college you blame yourself if you fail

college life is very challenging for me I learn how to reason out and I became responsible about all the things I do, I know there will be more than these challenges but I would want to overcome it my own way.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

About WikiPilipinas

I think this site is really a big help in promoting the Philippine tourism. It educates and informs us about the Philippine government, economy, culture, history and many more, this site is the best site when you want to find anything about the Philippines.

This site is great, it provides entertainment and knowledge for filipinoes especially the youth, also it is beneficial for those overseas filipino workers who are abroad and would like to know news about the Philippines through this site, we could find lots of articles including pictures about the Philippines and many more.

It can also give information for foreigners who would want to know more about the Philippines and discover our great culture and how politics is happening here.

I would say this is the site where you can find lots of information about the country and at the same time it provides knowledge and entertainment and promoting the Philippines.
I search for the best beaches in the Philippines through this site and it provides lots of articles here with pictures.

And wikipilipinas is also present in different Philippine dialects including cebuano and a lot more which makes it more interesting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

About Maimbenta

Maimbenta's first name is "Joana", actually it should not be spelled like that my mom said it should be like this.."Ghoanna",but no matter what is the spelling of my name I still love it!

My name really suit my attitude, I dress and act as a lady but I think like a man(I remember Korina Sanchez, she said that), it's not that I'm "tomboy", I really am a girl, very feminine, but what I mean is working things out by being musculine [although I don't have muscles coz I'm "sexy"(laughs)]. As I was saying..I'm boyish when it comes to thinking, I dont want too much "emo"(I'm so over the tears I'm into laughs!), I remember someone said..( you don't care what others might feel?)..It's not like that, I just don't want to be influenced by someones feeling towards something, I want me to figure it out(it's complicated). Others would say I'm too kind, I just don't want to offend or hurt someones feeling,(I myself know what it feels like) so if I have nothing good to say..I just close my mouth and try to make ev'ryone happy, I just throw some decent jokes, and that's who I am. I dont know but somehow I sense what others feel(nah..I'm just weird!).

I like being with friends.
I love music!
I enjoy writing short stories..
I'm interested in meeting other people..
And I love to laugh!
I'm just a happy person.